Maybe you’ve never given it much thought. Maybe you just thought LinkedIn was like all other social media platforms. Well, it’s not. Because of its nature, it’s a more challenging place to socialize. And for good reason.

LinkedIn is a platform specifically created for professionals to build a network, establish connections with other professionals in the same industry, maybe discover new career opportunities, and share industry-related thoughts and insight. LinkedIn goes to great lengths to keep the platform professional, and you should too!

These common marketing mistakes can hurt your brand’s reputation and its chances to strive.

Posting Meaningless Content

This is certainly not the place to share, let’s say, selfies. Or a status explaining why you had to take your pet to the vet this morning and how nasty traffic was.

You should be using this platform to create interest in your brand by sharing relevant content, such as informative articles related to your industry; “behind the scenes” content, such as pictures of your office/store/company; details about what you offer, information about activities you hosted or sponsored, and the like.

Also, if you have a blog, it would be great to share links to your posts. Use this platform to shine!

Having a Half-Baked Profile

Would you go to a job interview in your jammies? Of course not! Well, your profile is the first impression you give, so it should definitely be a positive one.

Your LinkedIn Company Page is a great place to showcase your expertise and past projects (and to avoid marketing mistakes). Talk to your target audience about the value you bring to the community, and your industry as a whole. First and foremost, tell them how you can help. Just, don’t brag and don’t lie. ‘Sir-brags-a-lot’ and ‘tall-tale teller’ are not flattering titles.

Not Personalizing Your LinkedIn URL

This is probably the simplest marketing mistake to avoid. Changing all those numbers to your name in your URL is such a simple task, but such a meaningful detail.

Not only is it prettier to the human eye, but also it’s more user-friendly and it’ll be easier to find you by your name. More importantly, it contributes to your whole SEO strategy!

Sending Cold Messages

“I’d like to add you to my personal network”… bleh. Do yourself a favor and personalize your invitations and your messages. If you are interested in adding someone or a business as a connection, let them know with a message that actually shows that you took the time to read their profile. Something like “I really enjoyed your post on the importance of hiring SEO professionals to optimize your brand and I would like to connect with you on LinkedIn” sounds warmer and more enticing.

This marketing mistake says “I don’t care.” If you’d like to invite someone to visit your office or store, a professional yet personalized approach like this should work: “Thank you so much for sharing our article on quality pesticides for your home. If you are ever interested in such a product, we are located on [insert location].”

Staying Away from Groups

Not being social, although professional, is definitely a marketing mistake in this platform. There’s a group for every interest and industry. Find several that are similar to your company’s interests and goals, and join them. Not only does it give you the chance to stay updated with industry news, but you can also share your own content with a broader audience. Just make sure it’s educational content (although it’s ok to lead them to your website) and not spam or sales pitches.

Don’t let these rookie marketing mistakes hinder your efforts on LinkedIn. If you have made some of these in the past, it’s never too late to fix them. Be sure to optimize your profile and avoid these mistakes so you can meet your marketing goals taking advantage of this social media platform as part of your overall strategy.

Remember, combining social media marketing with SEO renders better results in terms of rankings, visibility, and most certainly, ROI. Contact us. Let’s discuss your digital marketing challenges and how we can support your growth.