With Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to start ringing your business’ jingle bells. The holidays are that time of the year where joy, bright lights and gift-giving take center stage, which makes it a crucial time for local businesses, as Christmas sales mean a boom in revenue.

If you haven’t started your online marketing campaign, or if you have but you haven’t seen results yet, this guide will lead your way to a successful holiday season for your business.

You Guessed It: Mobile Is the Marketing Hero

This year, Cyber Monday was dominated by mobile sales. Online sales brought $6.59 billion in total, while $2 billion of which belong only to mobile sales. Consumers not only use their phone to purchase, but also they research products, compare prices and read reviews.

Also, the many options of payment methods such as PayPal, Apple Pay and Amazon Pay have increased their appeal to consumers who find all this process very easy, quick and comfortable.

Shine on Social Media

Put your products where people are. According to the market research consulting firm, Market Measurement, 69% of Facebook users visit online to find discounts and then share it on other platforms with friends. Therefore, not only consumers plan to buy online, but they also plan to share all their holiday activities on social media, which includes pictures of the gifts they will receive.

Offer Holiday Incentives

Discounts, one-day flash sales, and free shipping are three examples of incentives that can go a long way toward revenue. These incentives give customers a sense of appreciation and loyalty. You can also try contests and combine it with your social media marketing campaign efforts. Incentives mark a clear path to a publicity and sales success.

Bolster Your Efforts with Your Blog

Holiday-themed blog posts are more than welcome. Take advantage of holiday-related search terms to direct the public towards your page. Use SEO to add some new keywords on your landing page to create organic leads and possibly convert.

Be There for Those Who Need You

Even though mobile is leading sales this year, don’t forget that there are customers who prefer to shop the traditional way. The best way to direct foot traffic to your storefront is by making sure you create – or optimize – your My Google Business page. Before going somewhere, say a store, a restaurant, a bar, or even a doctor, people usually look for it online to find out, first of all, their location, their phone number, and their opening hours. Not to mention that now you can know how busy it is at the time of the search. However, what matters most is that you appear and that your information is correct.

The key to the art of holiday marketing – and the rest-of-the-year marketing – is to always have your customers in mind. Think about their likes and dislikes, think about where they spend their time online, what platforms they prefer, and what content would they find appealing. Once you know all this, deliver it all in the best way. The way they want it and need it.

On behalf of the Localbiz360 team, we wish you a merry Christmas. You can always talk to us to find out more about our excellent digital marketing services. We have helped thousands of businesses with services like: reviews, listings, running social media campaigns, and conversion optimization with SEO and PPC.