Ok. You have managed to drive in heavy traffic to your website, which is a big deal and it’s definitely good. However, your conversion rate is low. Traffic alone is meaningless if you’re not converting. Therefore, although you should never stop working on driving in traffic, your goal should also be to focus on developing effective conversion rate optimization (CRO) tactics.

There are many factors that can influence your visitor’s decision-making process. Therefore, your homework should be to study your audience and provide them with what they need. Everything that you offer should be done with that in mind. Sadly, many marketers don’t pay attention to certain things and they’re hurting their conversion rates without even knowing it.

In order to prevent the sinking of your conversion rate, avoid the following 5 mistakes:

Beauty Is Not Everything

Yes, of course a good-looking website and an attractive headline are essential, but don’t forget about functionality. What a client needs is a good product, doesn’t matter what it is. Whether you sell pools or eBooks, the person won’t convert unless you’re offering value for their money. If this is happening to you, maybe you should be offering something more.

Annoying Forms and Confusing Web Design

Time is of the essence. People don’t like to spend a lot of time filling out forms, so if yours are too long, make them shorter. Studies show that reducing your forms to 4 or 5 rows can increase your conversion rate up to 120 percent.

On the other hand, web design plays a big role when it comes to conversion rates. Visitors expect a web page that loads fast; that is 2 seconds or less. There are many techniques you can apply to achieve faster loading, such as not using too many plugins, minimizing HTTP requests, and optimizing your images. If you can, a good SEO campaign would do wonders.

The key is to make things easier for visitors. One more tip: having a clear CTA button makes a huge difference. Your CTA button should be a contrasting color, and it should explain what happens when you click on it. Don’t forget to place it in the right spot.

Nothing Unique to Sell

You can have a great product, but if your website lacks the unique selling point (USP), visitors will fail to connect with it.

There’s a lot of competition out there, and there are thousands of others brands that may sell your product, so you have to find your USP. Your USP should deliver the essence of your brand, what makes you different from the rest. Something quick you could do is trying an influencing logo. Take for example Nike’s “Just Do It”, or McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It”. Short but memorable, simple but differentiating, something that shows a key benefit and that imparts positive feelings about the brand.

A Lack of Incentive

With so many options out there, you have to do something to get your visitor to stay. If you give them a chance to think too long about what you’re offering, they will probably won’t buy at all. The idea is to imply a sense of urgency. Something like a special offer that ends soon, or a good reason why it’s better not to wait.

Too Much Content

Have you ever been to a department store, where there are so many choices that you feel overwhelmed and end up leaving?

Well, that’s exactly what you should avoid in your webpage. Too much content and too many choices can overwhelm your visitors and, thus, hurt your conversion rate. The old saying “less is more” certainly applies here.

Take the time to analyze if you’re unknowingly making any of these mistakes. I you are, then it’s high time you do something to correct them. Don’t underestimate them, these may seem like small actions, but they’ll cost you your conversion rate in no time.

Audit your current conversion tactics and make the necessary adjustments to improve your rates. That’s how you’ll gain more customers and boost your brand.