So, you think you are on top of all your social media accounts. You post, share, tweet, check out reviews, and have even started a blog. But, are you keeping track of who’s talking about you and what they’re saying? Every time somebody writes about your business, they’re rating it (positively or negatively). Therefore, staying on top of your Mentions will work wonders for your business. Although Mentions are generally associated with Twitter-lingo, when digital marketers talk about Mentions they mean all that it’s being said online about your business or your brand. Yes, it can come from Twitter, but also from Facebook and other social media sites, as well as from blogs and newspapers, to name a few. You should definitely know what people are saying about your business, because Mentions can help build or destroy a brand. Most importantly, you have the power to reach out to whoever mentioned your product or service online and either thank them for the great things they said, or apologize and ask for a second chance to get it right. It’s the power of the Internet. If that alone is not convincing enough, here are four more reasons:

You can learn from your customers

Reviews are not the only way of customers rating your services. Many times they’ll express their feelings on their status updates or tweets. If you’re ignoring Mentions and only paying attention to Reviews, you’re definitely missing out on valuable information. Which brings us to the next point.

It’s another way of engaging with your customers

Who has time to wait on the phone or to fill out an online survey when you can just complain on your feed and tag the company? Make a point of replying to your Mentions. And also, this may seem obvious but…thank them! Don’t reply only to negative Mentions. By replying to positive posts you will not only show them that you appreciate their business, but you’ll also be boosting your online presence, which is also how you’re going to get more Mentions. Therefore…

The more you post, both on your account and on posts where you’re mentioned, the more your online presence will grow

In other words, you’ll become more popular. The more popular you are, the more authority you’ll have online; and authority is basically another word for trust.

Use your Mentions as market research

Lastly, are you thinking of shelling out thousands of dollars on a new campaign? Everybody knows the first thing you need to do is figure out who the campaign is for. The cheapest way to do this, not to mention effective, is by looking at your Mentions. Which blogs are talking about you? Who is tweeting about you? What do they like about you? What do they dislike about you or your competitors? Save yourself that market research cash and start going through your Mentions! So, why spend hours searching the web to see where your business has been mentioned? Localbiz360’s Mentions feature shows you, in one screen, what people are saying about your business in blogs, newspapers, social media and other sites. Furthermore, it categorizes Mentions by sentiment: Positive, Negative, or Neutral. To get you started, check out this Mentions tutorial so you can stay on top of your Mentions in the most effective way.