Search engine optimization (SEO) is still a mystery to many. The origins of SEO go back more than 20 years. And, as can be expected, its evolution has been huge. So, let’s start by simply saying that having your business found online is a must. In today’s highly competitive arena of search engine rankings, this means your business needs to show on Google’s first page search results whenever possible. SEO is the way to make that happen!

There is no exact formula to get to the first page of search results. Search engines, like Google, set the rules and control the results they display to users. They purposely don’t tell their exact formula for sorting who comes up the highest on the page (which inevitably gets the most user clicks). Strategies that were once acceptable can now hurt your rankings and even get you penalized.

In general, search engines favor websites that have authority and are interesting to visitors. The right SEO professionals know the rules of how to make a website gain authority, trustworthiness, and be relevant to what people, and search engines, look for online. They apply tactics to optimize your pages in a way that gives you the best opportunity to be among top results.

This is a combination of things that happen directly on the website itself, as well as things happening off the website, but generally directed towards it. It’s this delicate balance of onsite/offsite work, along with the history of search engine knowledge, that is the first reason why you should trust SEO professionals to optimize your website.

Here are 5 reasons you should hire the right SEO professionals.

It’s Their Job

Like I said before, SEO professionals know the rules and they apply those rules daily. Therefore, they can skip many of the pitfalls of those less familiar. Plus, it’s their job to know whenever the set of rules changes. And, FYI, the rules change constantly.

You may have heard about the plethora of algorithm changes Google has made over the years. Simply put, these are the constant changes to the rules we’ve been talking about. With so many changes going on, anyone who’s not dedicated to SEO can easily get lost or fall behind trying to keep up.

What’s more, SEO professionals can fix mistakes already made, to avoid a bad outcome. They will also continue monitoring your website’s performance and update things according to new algorithmic changes.

They Know Keywords

A good SEO strategy revolves around the right keywords. Using them in your pages–blog, website, social platforms–is a big component of ranking in the top search results.

Keywords not only attract more people to visit your pages, but they also serve as a filter by targeting the right audience for your business. By the right audience, we mean the ones that show a real interest in your products and services.

SEO professionals have the advantage of knowing which keywords perform best for your business, and in your local area. You want to use keywords that will help potential customers find you, but you don’t want to only target the most competitive keywords. A variation of terms typically brings the most traffic to your website. SEO professionals can properly assess the business and its targeted keywords.

Your Competitors Use It

Most likely, competitors you know in your local area are using SEO services. They probably rank at the top of the search result pages or will soon. I would say this is a rather compelling reason to hire SEO professionals. Otherwise, you are at a disadvantage.

An SEO professional knows what works and what doesn’t for businesses like yours because they have previous experience. With their best and latest tactics, they will create a campaign that’s exclusive to you and that helps you stand out from the crowd.

Also, optimizing your pages will give you an edge over the new businesses that keep springing up each year. Don’t get left behind. You know what they say: go big or go home!

SEO Delivers Results

What good is it to have a great website and to generate quality content if no one sees it? An SEO professional can perform an audit that will reveal the flaws in your website and fix them.

If you’re “new in town” there is a slim chance that you appear in the first page of the search engines. SEO professionals will know how to optimize your webpage to improve its ranking so that more people can see it, and therefore, generate more leads for the business from the onset.

Time Management

Sure, you can try to optimize your website on your own, but it will probably take you a lot of time to learn the rules. And then it will take you more precious time to apply those rules and see if you did it correctly. So, in the interest of saving time and money (because time is money, right?), it’s best to let pros handle your SEO.

When you invest in a marketing strategy you must do it the right way in order to see the full benefit of your investment. Therefore, by hiring SEO professionals you’ll be boosting your online presence while reducing the amount of time and energy you’d spend if you tried to do it by yourself.

At first glance, SEO might seem like a complicated thing, only for businesses with deep pockets. Truth is, a good SEO strategy can be a reasonable cost while covering a lot of ground, like keywords, content optimization, effective back links, etc. Plus, we would argue that it’s local businesses who need it the most to even the playing field.

We can guarantee that lacking an SEO campaign puts your business behind the eight ball when trying to be found online. It also allows your competitors to capture more market share. So, why not invest in a strategy that will put your business in front of thousands, if not millions, of potential customers?

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