One of the biggest challenges with social media is getting your audience to engage with your content. What’s the use of having a great marketing strategy when you have little to no engagement? It’s like talking to the walls. Instagram is a photo and video sharing app that sees over 70 million photo uploads every day with a per-follower interaction rate of 2.2%. Therefore, you can say it’s a world of possibilities. We have gathered the five most effective methods to boost your account’s engagement that will also help you grow your following. Read on to find out how.

Instagram Contests

Hosting an Instagram contest is a terrific way to earn followers and create a relationship with them. Giveaways work wonders because you’re giving something away of course, while asking for very little in return. For instance, you can raffle any type of product and ask for the audience to like your page, like the post itself and that they tag two or three friends in the comments section in return. When the time comes to announce the winner you can do it either by a private message (DM) or go live! If you choose to do it live you’ll be having them on the lookout for the announcement, which creates a relationship with them. Just set a date and time and that’s it!

Include a Call-To-Action (CTA)

While Instagram is a photo and videos sharing app, you can also use the platform for the written word too. Take advantage of your photo captions to add a call-to-action. It can either be to let them know that you’re having a sale on your webpage (always add a link to your webpage in your bio), or to converse with them. For instance, you’re a travel agency and you’re trying to promote your tour package to Rome. Post a picture of a landmark, let’s say, la Fontana di Trevi, and ask your audience what would they like to do if they were in Rome, or who would they want to share that trip with and to tag them in the comments section. It’s a fun way to get people to engage, and it works! Remember to show that you care. You can take a few minutes to make some quick replies, especially if someone has a question.


Hashtags are a way of categorizing all the content in the platform, and they will help you get yours in front of the right audience. How? Tag your posts with topics related to your product. If you sell engagement rings, for instance, you can use the hashtags ‘engagementring’, ‘engagementringinspiration’, ‘weddingring’, ‘ido’, ‘shesaidyes’, etc. Make sure you stay current on banned hashtags! If you use any of those, you’ll be risking your post being banned altogether. You can also use hashtags to find relevant people who could be interested in your brand. Hashtags work wonders for networking!

Post When the Audience is More Active

First of all, think about time zones. Depending on where most of your audience is located, you should post at their most active hours. If you have a business profile you can download Instagram’s Native Analytics Tool, which tells you your followers’ locations, their age, their gender, and when they’re most active on Instagram. Nevertheless, everybody has different schedules, but usually, lunch time is a good time (11am-1pm) and the evenings are too (6pm-9pm). Ask yourself when do you check Instagram the most and feel free to experiment. Remember that scheduling your posts will help you to never miss a good opportunity and to not worry about it during your free time.

Post Nice Content

Instagram is a visual platform; therefore, you want to take care of the image you’re presenting. Make sure your content is nice, quality photos and videos, you can even use filters! A good impression will take you far. Use the tips presented here to boost your Instagram engagement rate. You may have to make some slight changes to your strategy, but believe me, it will be worth it. Be creative, be personal, and get ready to get more likes and comments! Localbiz360 can help you jump-start your social media engagement by helping you manage, plan and schedule your content. Contact us fore more information!