When it comes to social media, everyone makes marketing mistakes. Particularly when dealing with the newest kid on the block. While that’s not necessarily the case for Pinterest, which has been in business for about seven years, many marketers are just recently discovering the business side to it. It may have to do with the fact that Pinterest recently launched “Pinterest for Business”. Maybe it’s because 72% of Pinners (Pinterest users) use the site to research and decide what to buy when they make an in-person purchase. Of perhaps the fact that 87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest. These statistics make a compelling case for companies to be in Pinterest. Now, as with any social platform, you want to get it right–or as good as possible–from the get-go. Making too many rookie mistakes on Pinterest can cost you big time. Don’t fret. The following six tips will help you avoid marketing mistakes on Pinterest.

Posting Boring, Poor-Quality Images

Pictures are the main feature on Pinterest. Therefore, your pins should be super attractive. It is such a turn off when, amongst many images, there’s a blurry picture. I mean, who’s going to look at that?! Maybe you can afford to hire a professional photographer. Or, if you prefer DIY-ing the image part, make sure you use good lighting and composition. Look at different boards you like to find common elements to how the images are designed and copy what you like about them. Give your products center stage. Hint: Upload photos with square dimensions that measure 600 X 600 pixels.

Pinning Only Your Products

As tempting as it sounds, it’s not a good idea to pin or make boards that feature ONLY your product. People are not very likely to purchase anything from an egocentric business. You probably wouldn’t either. Take advantage of this platform to show people the best of you. Some good examples include sharing your thoughts about your company culture, how you stay motivated and what inspires you. Share relevant content from like-minded brands as well. This will help you start creating your network, little by little, by building trust among your peers and followers.

An Incomplete or Empty Business Profile

Invest just a couple of minutes of your time and effort to complete your profile description. It’s the best opportunity to tell your company’s story. Don’t miss out on it! Also, remember to include your website in your Pinterest marketing strategy. Add Pinterest’s “Save” and “Follow” buttons to your website, so people can see what you post there, and also share your website’s content to Pinterest.

Irrelevant Content

It doesn’t matter what social media platform you’re in. Relevant content is a vital component to every social media strategy. Don’t just re-pin others’ content. Add your original content, too. Fresh, original content creates organic leads. Plus, it is very helpful to keep those leads moving through the buying process.

Pins Without Descriptions

One of the biggest, most common mistakes on Pinterest is not creating a description for your Pin. Big fail. Keywords are vital to drive traffic to you pins and boards–and therefore, to your website! Write short descriptions with keywords in them; much as you would do in a meta tag. Also, don’t forget to use hashtags (Use, don’t abuse.) so Pinners can find your content when searching for ideas.

Not pinning regularly

Last, but not least important, is consistency. Avoiding all previous mistakes but not being consistent in the output of your marketing strategy will take you nowhere. If your followers don’t hear from you in a while, they will forget about you. Plain and simple. And you can’t fix it with a burst of pins whenever you like. It doesn’t work that way. There’s also a timing to bear in mind. Studies show that the best hours to pin are between 2pm and 4pm, and 8pm to 1am. Think like your target audience would and try to connect with them in as many ways as possible. Pinterest is a place to showcase your creativity as a marketer. Take advantage of it! Avoiding these mistakes will make the road less rocky and certainly more fun. Keep an eye on your Pinterest marketing strategy using our dashboard, where you can also monitor, manage, and see reports for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google+. Contact us to learn more.