It’s true that we all get far too many emails, which is why it has become more and more difficult to get people to read them. However, email marketing continues to be one of the most effective and affordable ways to engage with costumers, keep them informed about products, and create sales and revenue.

The online marketing business is constantly evolving and looking for the best ways to reach customers and prospects. The following is a list of tactics to evaluate and improve your performance, and take full advantage of this marketing strategy.

Be More Personal

The people on your list dislike impersonal emails the same way that you do. If you succeed in having them open your email, you have to grab their attention before they delete it. Simply greeting them by their own name makes a big difference. “Hi there, John Smith” sounds way warmer than “Good day to you, Sir”.

Get to know your audience. The content you send should be relevant to them. Blasting your whole list of contacts with the same email could send the wrong message: that you don’t care about them. Make sure you let them know that you do.

Be Concise

Nobody has a lot of time to spare. We all know that. Therefore, cut to the chase and give them one main message, like “40% OFF YOUR NEXT PURCHASE”. If they’re interested in what you’ve presented them with, they’ll most likely visit your website. It’s very important to remember that most emails are now read on mobile phones, probably while they’re commuting, or on their way to a meeting, so make them feel like they’re not wasting their time.

Make Their Lives Easier

One crucial tactic of your email marketing campaign is making sure the email is easy to read and enjoyable. For instance, opt for easy-to-read fonts, and choose your colors wisely. Also, if possible, a stacked layout would be ideal, as a multi-column email can be pretty difficult to read on a small screen.

Emojis Are Fun

If the kind of content you’re sending allows it, there’s nothing wrong with using one or two emojis. Everybody uses them, and they’re fun and communicative. Humans are visual creatures, and emojis are so cute. Dare to use them in the subject line to attract their attention more quickly.

Try Again

If your open rate is low, try resending the email with a different subject. Some experiments have shown that resending the exact same email with a different subject line to the people who haven’t opened it increases the chances by 30%. It’s worth a shot.

Avoid Being Spammed

Email programs automatically filter messages that appear to be scams or deceiving. By avoiding to use words that trigger spam filters, such as “Make $”, “Affordable”, “F r e e”, “Save up to”, “Visit our website”, you will have more chances of not ending up in the Junk Mail folder. There are lists around the web that you can use to double-check if you’re not using them.

Spread the Word

Having your audience share your email with others will help your campaign immensely. Emails feel kind of private, so it won’t hurt to invite them to do so. Lines like “Share this with a friend who would love this deal too!” will do the job. You can also include custom social sharing links in each email so that recipients can promote it in their social networks, and therefore reach a bigger audience.

Marketing channels require improvement and optimization, and emails are not the exception. That should be your goal. Design emails that are simple, enjoyable and concise, and use these tips to create a more effective email marketing campaign.