Nobody likes negative comments, even less when they refer to your business. When you’re a business owner and you receive a negative review online, you might take it as an insult to your professionalism and want to delete that comment. However, taking it personal is not the best solution to the problem. As my mother always tell me “communication is the key to success in every relationship”. What you have with your customers is a relationship, and getting upset won’t solve your problem. You must address it and try to fix it. Also, you don’t want the world to see their bad opinion about your company. We have taken the time to gather a few tips to help you diffuse bad online reviews and hopefully change that unhappy customer’s mind for the better.

Relax, Don’t Do It.

Before ranting, take a deep breath and think that this may be a good opportunity for you to show the world that your business cares about their clients. Don’t write a hasty response; it’s better to have something prepared, like a standard review response. Of course, you don’t want to answer every negative review with the same standard response. These will serve as a starting point, and you should personalize your reply to each reviewer’s feedback.

Show That You Care.

Like we said before, take this opportunity to show that you want to give your customers your best. So, reply to that negative review because if you don’t, you’ll be telling them that you simply don’t care about their opinion. Responding to bad reviews increases customer advocacy. That’s your silver lining. I remember when I bought my first iPod; to my bitter disappointment it wouldn’t work unless it was connected to a power outlet. However, when I took it to the Apple store, they simply went ahead, took it back and ordered me a new one. I was so happy that I didn’t have to fight or cut through any red tape that I even felt a sense of loyalty to the brand. I felt that I could depend on them. Therefore, not only should you respond to the negative review, you should also offer a solution. Which leads us to our next point:

Offer a Solution.

And if it’s a quick one, all the better. Thank them for their “gift” of time, acknowledge their input, and you can ask them to contact you by phone, or stop by a store to discuss it in person. 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a friend’s, so you want to go that extra mile. You will also be showing other potential customers that you are a human being behind that business. These are the primary three steps into dealing with a negative review. It’s always a clever idea to consult with a third party before replying a negative review. They can give you an objective opinion on the matter. If you fix the issue with the unhappy customer and they are satisfied with your response, ask them politely to update their review to reflect that the situation was successfully resolved. Focus on the positive side of negative reviews and you will see that it is an opportunity to show that you are indeed a great business, and perhaps that there might be something you could be doing better to make your business even greater. We can provide alternatives to capture more reviews from your clients here