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Franchises are successfully using Localbiz360 as a value proposition to sell more franchise units. The Localbiz360 platform empowers franchisees to be much more successful.

Get a Bird’s Eye View of Your Entire Brand

360 degree view of your brand in one spot allows you to evaluate and react. Seamlessly view individual locations, regions or the entire brand.

Unified Brand Message

Take control of your brand’s Social Media with posts, videos, promotions, graphics and more. Ensure that brand created/approved content is consistently made available to the franchisees. View what franchisees are adding to make sure the brand message is on point.

Data and Actionable Insights

Detailed reporting and analysis provides the path to drive results.
Take action directly from within the dashboard. e.g. push positive reviews to your social media platforms.

Reliable Partner

14 years and thousands of successful campaigns is proof of our commitment to excellence. Our goal is to provides cutting edge services at an extraordinary value. We incorporate valuable client feedback into our development roadmap.

Brand Visibility

Brand Visibility

Be Seen

Don’t be invisible to customers looking for your services. With great Visibility comes great sales.

Are All Locations Listed and Accurate?

Over 50% of businesses have incorrect listing information. Help your franchisees who are losing business because they are not visible where customers are looking.

Take Control of Your Listings

With our optional listings package, we help you take control of all your listings. Create new listings, delete duplicate listings or fix inaccuracies.

Reviews and Reputation

Reviews and Reputation

The 30,000 ft. View

See reviews for all locations from multiple sites such as Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc. View your response rate to reviews. See which of your locations is doing well with reviews, and which ones are falling behind or need more help.

Protect Your Brand

Negative reviews are highlighted, calling attention to the ones that do the most damage to your brand. Are you responding quickly, if at all? Our platform makes it easier, highlighting good customer service.

Push Positive Reviews

Spread the word to your social media family when you get 5 star reviews. Push your best reviews to your Facebook and Twitter followers directly through the platform.

Get More Reviews

Our plug and play Review Widget allows you to get more reviews! The best one’s can be pushed to Google, Facebook, Tripadvisor and more.

Improve Conversion Rate

Our review widget allows you to showcase your best reviews right on your website. Brands see 8% increase in their lead conversion ratio after putting our review widget on their website.

Brand Sentiment Analysis

Our sentiment analysis algorithm allows you to be aware of the attitude towards your brand when patrons are writing about it in local blogs and media outlets.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Powerful Experience Managing Social Networks

Schedule, Generate Content, Publish, Analyze, Grow.

Simplify and Centralize Social Media Workflow

Post to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and Pinterest all at once. View the consolidated inbox. Use RSS feeds to help generate new content.

Multi Location Social Media

Post and see activity across all locations, break up in groups, or focus on one location at a time.


Insights and data from key indicators about things such as best influencers, ideal time to post, reach, and follower breakdown.

Generate Live Twitter Leads

Twitter radius marketing to proactively target and attract customers in the local areas who are tweeting about goods and services you offer.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Dominate Local Competition

Analyze the key components in local digital marketing to see how your business stacks up to its local competitors, where it needs a boost, and how you can seize opportunities.

Compare Live Results

View your data vs. your top local competitors to see where business is being lost.

Analyze Top Search Ranking Performers

Find out who is winning the Google & Visibility war.
If it’s not you, it’s your competition! See who is listed most accurately in the popular directories.

Reputation Smackdown

See who gets more positive and more frequent reviews and gets talked about in a positive light.

Social Media Brawl

Which business is the most active, and aggressive in promoting and communicating with customers and expanding their fan base.

Search Ranking Monitoring

Search Ranking Monitoring

Track Rankings on Google

Measure location by location ranking success on Google. Add and track your brand’s top 6 keywords for each location. Stay on top of ranking fluctuations.

Benchmark Against Your Competition

Keep an eye on your competitors’ rankings. Find areas where you can improve vs your competitors’. Identify if low search rankings are causing lost business.

Get Updated via Email Ranking Alerts

Get alerts of important rankings updates via our weekly and monthly email reports. Our email alerts are mobile friendly.

Business intelligence

Business Intelligence

At a Glance

Understand which franchisees are being proactive and utilizing the tools provided to them. Who is opening reports, using social media, responding to reviews, managing their reputations, and which franchisees are not.

A Peek Under the Hood

Who is logging in and where are they going. What are franchisees spending time on, which modules attract them.
Easily identify opportunities to educate by using the locations with the best activity/results as examples to emulate.

Instant Downloads

Create instant reports to download, email, and share at franchise meetings.
Gain insight into why certain franchisees are performing better than others.

Big Data in Seconds

Our big data technology helps you to evaluate, share, and deliver results across thousands of locations at once.

Best-in-class local marketing software.
Change plans or cancel at any time

Local Business

$29.95 per month / location
  • Single Location
  • Up to 6 keywords per location
  • Max 3 users
  • 3 Competitor Analysis
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly Alerts and Reports.

Multi Locations / Franchises Business

Inquire for Pricing

per month / location
  • All Features of Local Business +
  • Multiple Locations
  • Unlimited Users
  • Brand Analytics
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly Alerts and Reports.
  • Up to 6 keywords per location
  • 3 Competitor Analysis


Inquire for Pricing

  • All Features of multi locations / franchises business +
  • White Label
  • Data Mining
  • Business Intelligence
  • Marketing / Upsell Features

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See what Localbiz360 can do for your business We just need a few basic details

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